Fertility Treatment – How to choose the right package

At FertiFind.com, we have gathered the best fertility treatment packages, so you can focus on building your family. Because when it comes to fertility treatment, there is unfortunately no “one fits all” solution and for most people, it requires several attempts and adjusting the treatment methods. We aim at helping you get a clearer picture about the pros and cons of the most commonly used fertility treatments.

What are the most common treatments available?

  • An IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is typically the first chosen treatment as the procedure is less invasive and more affordable than an IVF but it also offers a lower success rate unfortunately. For that reason, many women who haven’t succeeded at becoming pregnant after undergoing an IUI treatment turn to IVFs;
  • despite being more costly and more invasive, IVFs (In Vitro Fertilisation) offer a higher success rate of becoming pregnant.

Since it is impossible to know in advance what your body will respond to and how many attempts will lead to a successful pregnancy, it is very hard to predict the financial commitment needed for your success and that is comprehensively a burden for many couples. 

With that in mind, it is understandable that bundled fertility treatment and guaranteed pregnancy packages have gained increased interest over the years. And that is why we also recommend bundling treatment options.

What are bundled fertility treatments?

Many clinics offer a bundled IUI + IVF fertility treatment program that allows you to bundle multiple treatments at a discounted rate per-cycle, compared to what you’d pay for each treatment individually. Why is this a smart choice? Because they increase the chances of pregnancy, lower the cost per treatment, while also allowing you to plan the financial cost of the fertility journey beforehand. Bundling IUI and IVF treatments also takes out the guesswork of what the next procedure should be. By choosing this package, you boost your confidence by knowing you’ll maximise your chances by combining both treatments!

And if you want to put all chances on your side, a guaranteed pregnancy package may be the right choice for you

What is a guaranteed pregnancy package?

With a guaranteed pregnancy package, you will receive the chosen bundled fertility treatments until either a pregnancy or live birth is achieved, or you get a refund if you don’t become pregnant. Please note that, should you become pregnant before receiving all the treatments of your bundle, you do not get your money back for the cycles you do not use.

How are clinics able to offer such amazing packages?

Think of it as how insurances work: they balance risks and costs between those customers who have damage on their vehicle and those who don’t. Just like insurances, fertility clinics are able to offer these packages as some patients quickly become pregnant while others take longer. That is how they are able to secure a fixed price and a “success or refund” policy for anyone who wishes to follow this treatment program. These guaranteed packages are sometimes called shared risk programs.

Can I choose any fertility bundle or pregnancy guarantee package?

Not all fertility clinics offer fertility bundles or guaranteed pregnancy packages. And those that do, follow different requirements to qualify for such packages such as age, past fertility history, sperm parameters, lifestyle, etc. We can help you navigate the kind of packages that fits your profile. We will only recommend top fertility clinics that combine expertise and affordable packages. Some of the packages also include a donor egg or sperm option if needed.

What if I am not ready to have children now but still want to secure my future?

If you want to have children later on and are concerned about the quality of your aging eggs, freezing your eggs is definitely a valid option. Women are born with around 1–2 million eggs and this number continually declines from birth. At 37 years old, there are around only 25,000 eggs left. But if you’re aged 35 or older, please don’t be too alarmed. While it does become harder for you to get pregnant, having a healthy diet and lifestyle can improve your chances of pregnancy and of a healthy baby, paired with one of the many fertility treatments available that have helped older women to have a baby.

Any further questions?

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